Managed Services

We at Infinitum IT believe that protecting your data is very important. We believe in quality solutions, available not only for large enterprises, but also for smaller businesses. And for a reasonable price!

Data Protection

More than often, data protection does not get the right amount of attention. Virus scanners of poor quality are used, or nobody actually checks if the definitions are updating, or working well in general. Only in rare cases, action is being taken when the scanner finds an unusual high amount of threads. Security updates are being deferred, and backups are rarely taken. Only at times when there is a serious issue, people realize that the damage is bigger than expected. How will they explain this to their customers? Anyone working with customer data has a responsibility to make sure confidential information from customers, is stored as secure as possible.
Infinitum IT provides a portfolio of Managed Services in order to help you keep your data safe and secure! An overview of individual models:
  • Managed antivirus, with Bitdefender engine (number 1 for several years) A solution that is managed and monitored remotely, capable of dynamically tightening security policy in case a local security thread is detected in a nearby geographical area using big-data analysis.

  • Proactive web filtering to avoid malicious locations being opened by accident, or accessed by malware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that might be already present in your system. This system works with a reputation database on the internet, that is also used by the big brands such as Cisco, HP and CheckPoint.

  • Patch management, not only used to report systems using out of date and software imposing a security vulnerability to your environment, but also capable of pushing updates to selected workstations and servers at scheduled times, for example once per week at night.

  • Advanced remote monitoring to give insight in hardware status, trends and outage details.

  • Managed backup to safeguard data as part of your data recovery plan, suitable for servers, workstations and NAS systems.